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Kathy Burnsed Perfect Timing TodayAt Perfect Timing Today, we are convinced we’re not the only ones fighting against the clock, trying frantically at times to beat it.  We cram all the demands of family, friends, faith and career into the 24 hours we receive each day.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people struggle with feeling there isn’t anything meaningful to fill the days and they seem to drag on for them.

Beating the Clock, Managing Time God’s Way is now available on Amazon and Kindle 

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Time is the currency of life!  

Our lives are the sum of what we have purchased with our time.  Wasted time equals a wasted life. If we focus on mastering time, we will master life.  Watch new 2014 video

If you, your women’s group or your business needs a time management speaker or a time tune up, we can help, and we are here to help you manage your days, your weeks, and your lives. 

Kathy Walters Burnsed speakingKathy Walters Burnsed   knows what it is like to seemly have too many tasks and too little time. This wife and mother spent over two decades in the fast paced world of television news, then moving into the pharmaceutical industry, municipal government and education. She also spent seven years running a television production studio, which included producing and hosting a daily talk show called “Celebrate,” which aired  throughout southeast Georgia and coastal Carolina.

In 2013 she spearheaded the launch of Red Letter TV, which is an inspirational talk show featuring ordinary people talking about the extraordinary grace of God. Now Kathy invests herself in teaching, leading and writing material for churches, corporate and civic groups.  Invite  Kathy to  speak, by contacting her.